Have a sweet tooth ?

Or maybe just a craving for that sweet bite which enhances your coffee drink so well?

Isn’t it true that sometimes the chat with your best friend becomes so much more comforting when you share a cup of coffee and, say, a date square?

Brownies, carrot muffins, croissants (with and without chocolate), blueberry squares, lemon curdies, peanut butter cookies, apple turnovers, oatcakes, lemon cream cheese pie, cinnamon wheels, peanut butter balls, raspberry cream crumble, date squares, apple pie, cranberry scones, puff pastry, strawberry rhubarb pie, lemon cranberry muffins, cheese cake, Veronese grape cake, biscuit rolls, black forest cake, tiramisu, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti …

… the list is endless?  Not really, but almost!

We try to come up with new things all the time and the choices differ from season to season.

In any case, we only use natural ingredients and avoid artificial enhancers, emulsions and what have you. Admittedly, our bakery is somewhat more basic and grandmother-recipe-like, but hey, firstly, grandma had some really good recipes and not everything old is also bad. Secondly, simple is better and many of the “fancyschmancy” creations also carry a ton of chemicals within.

So, come in and try it out! We bet you, you will like it.

Butter vs margarine?

side_flavours "Betty Botter bought some butter ... "

Butter contains 30% monounsaturated fat. That's the same kind of healthful fat found in olive oil. Butter is a great source of vitamin A and protein, important for healthy skin, eyes, bones, teeth and especially for the nervous system.

Most importantly, it is very flavourful and carries the aromas of the main ingredients much better than margarine. Best of all: it is pure nature!


side_coffee "... Oh, Biscotto mio ..."

The full name is "Biscotti di Prato" (region near Florence) or "Cantucci" (heel of a bread). In order to make it more durable it was "bis-cotto" (cooked twice)

In Italy you eat biscotti very often with sweet wine, dunking them right into it. It is a great addition to a latte or a cappuccino, scooping the chocolatey foam out of the cup.