What is so special about specials?

They are not on the regular menu and you do not get them always!  🙂

It mostly depends on season, weather … and the mood of the cook.  😉

Our list of specials is limited: Some seasonal items like waffles with fresh berries, the famous “Reuben Sandwich”, Quiche Lorraine,  strawberry squares, veggie quiche, fruit smoothies, fresh lemonade, freshly brewed iced tea and iced coffee etc. are only available seasonally.

Of course, the main purpose of specials is that you, the customer, become the guinea pig for our recipes and indulge yourself in the illusion that we care about you!  😯

But we actually DO and we appreciate your ideas and suggestions!

Come in and talk to us!


quiche Do you remember Lorraine Mish?
This is how the "Quiche Lorraine" was invented:

There was an old lady named Mish
who fell in a dough of a dish
in shambles her legs
she scrambled the eggs
her first name 's Lorraine
she struggled in vain, again and again
and invented by chance an new quiche

Wait a minute, you do not remember the famous Lorraine Mish? Very simple: we have just made her up...

Anyway, try our home-made quiche!

Grand Prix for Cranbrie!!!

cranbrie You all know the story of Lord Sandwich, do you know the story of Lord Cranbrie as well?

Lord Cranbrie of Cranbrie Castle, Scotland loved French double cream Brie with fresh apples. He also loved cooked cranberry sauce on bread. One evening, his cook was out, Lord Cranbrie combined both and put it on fried bread to save time. And voilà! The "Cranbrie Sandwich" was born and gave him the strength to win the Grand Prix the very next day.

Until today the Cranbrie Sandwich is made with Brie and cranberries with apples, but Lord Cranbrie unfortunately never lived. We made him up ...

Try our tasty "Cranbrie Sandwich"!