Looking for breakfast ?

Omelettes with various fillings, a ham breakfast with 2 eggs, a grilled sandwich with scrambled eggs, onions and cheese are just a few of the choices.

We use only farm fresh eggs from a nearby farm. We KNOW that those eggs taste different than “commercial” eggs . It truly makes a difference if the chicken has had a decent life and stress and panic/horror are non existent or at least within normal levels.

We also believe that the toxins an animal produces due to an unhealthy environment or cruel treatment stay in the animal products we ultimately eat!

Apart form the ethical standpoint, do the right thing: treat yourself to healthy food. Eat fresh eggs from chicken which see the grass and the sky. And who wants to start the day with a breakfast which includes a product of a suffering animal, anyway?

So, don’t spoil your appetite, come in and enjoy GOOD eggs, along with an assortment of options such as croissants, multigrain toast, raspberry jam and butter and more.

Did you know?

side_flavours The yolk of an egg is yellow! Daaaaaaah! ...

No seriously, the colour changes from light yellow to dark gold according to the feed the chicken ate and to how much sun light it was exposed to.

And the shell? They come in white, light brown, light blue, dark brown, lime green, with dots or sprinkles ... there are hundreds of different breeds.

Need eggs?

side_flavours What came first, the chicken or the egg? ... the farmer!

You can buy farmer's eggs right here in the store.

We gladly support the local farming industry by selling and advertising their products:
Old Mill Aqua Farm Sunnybrook, Nova Scotia Meet the Stevens on youtube