Eat & Drink

A sandwich is a sandwich is a sandwich ….., yes and no !

Sure,  a sandwich will always be just that and we do not pretend to make “over the top food”, but we make good food, ever since we started in 1998. The grilled sandwiches are certainly the favourites , be it the “Maple Ham”, the “Western” or the “Croque Monsieur” or any of the other delicious choices.

There are of course other options like the “Lox Bagel”, Waffles and French Toast, Omelettes and Breakfast. (see Eggs).

We use our own dressings and mostly local ingredients, buy only local produce and try to get as high quality meats as possible. For example: Our salmon is fresh Atlantic salmon from Nova Scotia.

We keep our eyes and ears open for organic options whenever possible.

In order to stay as close as we possibly can to “purity of the ingredient”, we use fresh products only and refrain from using manufactured, altered, processed or artificially created products. That is why we do not offer fries, chips, or crackers: We offer all our food options with a healthy dose of fresh fruit.

We take pride in the fact that all the food items are ready within a fairly quick time and you do not have to wait.  In order to keep it this way all orders are processed right at the counter.

Download our menu here!

Breads & Bagels

side_flavours No good sandwich without good bread!

You can choose between "Sesame", Everything" and "Jalapeno/Cheddar" for bagels and bakery fresh multi-grain bread.

All breads come from local bakeries ensuring taste and pure ingredients.


side_flavours Fruit is colourful fun!

Each food item comes with a variety of seasonal fruit: Strawberry, banana, blueberry, pineapple, cantaloupe, apple, water melon, orange, raspberry ...

Are you hungry yet?


side_flavours Coffee is not your thing?

We carry a variety of beverages: teas, hot chocolates, juices, steamers, sparkling waters, homemade fresh iced tea and lemonade.

All juices are 100% juice and not from concentrate!